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If you fail to protect your trademark, or if you allow it to be used by someone else without permission, it will lose its value to your business. If you believe that your mark is being used – either without permission or without payment of agreed-upon fees – talk to an attorney experienced in trademark litigation as soon as possible. Your lawyer can send a cease-and-desist letter. If the unlawful use does not stop, you may need to consider taking additional action.

Trademark lawsuits generally are tried in federal courts, but trademark disputes also may be conducted by the Trademark Trials and Appeals Board (TTAB). Attorney Sharon Urias has a wealth of experience protecting and defending trademarks for her clients. Her knowledge of intellectual property and trademark law is exhaustive.

  • If necessary, our law firm will take immediate action to protect your rights by sending a cease-and-desist letter, filing a lawsuit, or taking action in the TTAB.
  • If someone uses your trademark unlawfully, you should be paid from that entity’s profits.
  • Use of a similar name is not always infringement of a trademark.

Urias Law Offices will aggressively litigate your case in court or the TTAB whenever necessary. Our firm philosophy, however, is that we must resolve every matter in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner for every one of our clients. We believe that it often is better for our clients to pursue resolution through mediation or arbitration, if possible, in order to avoid the time and expense of court. Regardless of our avenue of resolution, we choose the best solution based upon your goals, needs and legal issues.

Talk to an experienced attorney if you suspect a trademark violation.

The first step in protecting a trademark is to consult a lawyer who can advise you about your rights, and who will fight to protect your trademark. An experienced attorney can explain the law and whether your trademark has been violated under the law. Contact Urias Law Offices for an appointment as soon as you are aware of any trademark violations.

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