Tortious Interference

End interference with your business contracts.

If another party has interfered with your ability to perform a contractual agreement or has infringed upon your contractual rights, it is important to speak to an attorney regarding your legal options.

At Urias Law Offices, we represent business owners and individuals throughout the Phoenix Metro area who have incurred damages as a result of tortious interference with business contracts. With years of litigation experience, we work to provide the representation you need to recover compensation for damages resulting from a wide range of situations involving interference with an established contract or a business opportunity.

We provide answers to a wide range of questions, including:

  • What is tortious interference with a business contract? In short, tortious interference occurs when another party uses a wrongful act to infringe upon the rights or benefits conferred by a contract. Any action that prevents you from executing the terms of an agreement with another party may be classified as tortious interference, especially when the actions result in a benefit to a third party not involved in the original agreement.
  • What is required to prove interference? To prove interference, you must demonstrate a variety of elements, including the existence of a contractual relationship, intent of the third party to cause harm to the contract, and damages resulting from the third party’s actions, among others.
  • What if I am accused of tortious interference? Our firm also defends clients who are being sued on these grounds. If you are, or suspect you soon will be, accused of tortious interference, we can help you understand your options and defenses.
  • What are my options to seek justice? In tortious interference cases, you may be able to seek compensation for any financial damages caused by the third party’s wrongful act. You may also pursue an injunction to prevent the third party from further interfering with your agreement. After reviewing your unique case, our attorneys offer advice on your options for pursuing a favorable resolution.

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Our lawyers have the knowledge, skill and litigation experience needed to help you defend against or to pursue damages in even the most complex situations involving tortious interference with business contracts.

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