Partnership Disputes

Protect your rights and assets.

In a partnership dispute, especially a dispute that leads to dissolution of a partnership, the issues can be difficult to sort through. The situation is rarely simple. Disentangling your business interests is tough on the partners and the business.

It is important for each partner, whether an individual or company, to retain a lawyer as soon as possible who will represent their best interests.

As an experienced business litigation attorney, Sharon Urias has guided individual partners as they seek to resolve partnership disputes. Ms. Urias gained invaluable experience as a partner in a large international law firm. She brings that experience, her in-depth knowledge of business law, and her understanding of business objectives to each client at Urias Law Offices.

Some of your issues may include:

  • Filing a dissolution action or a response to a partner filing a dissolution action
  • Enforcing (or seeking to invalidate) a non-compete when one partner leaves the business
  • Dealing with embezzlement and inaccurate accounting
  • Dealing with theft of corporate assets
  • Determining the existence and extent of business fraud
  • Handling division of clients and assets
  • Representing vendors trying to collect from a dissolving partnership

Knowledgeable, experienced business attorney – working for you.

Partnership disputes can destroy a business and seriously damage the individual partners. It is important to have a lawyer who understands business disputes and has the knowledge and experience to resolve those issues. Contact us for an appointment.

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