Non-Compete Agreement Disputes

Is a non-compete enforceable?

When clients ask us about non-compete agreements, the first question is almost always, “Is it enforceable?” That is a good question – and the answer varies widely, depending on the wording of the contract, the circumstances of the situation and the current law in your state. When you consult Sharon Urias to discuss the enforceability of your non-compete agreement, she will consider the breadth and length of the restriction, as well as its geographic scope, among other issues.

Know your options and protect your rights.

Attorney Sharon Urias can provide an informed opinion based on extensive experience with non-compete agreements. Before she established Urias Law Offices in Scottsdale, she was a partner in the Los Angeles office of a large international law firm. She can give you valuable guidance about enforceability whether you are representing the business or you are the person who left the business.

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You will get knowledgeable answers at the Urias Law Offices – answers based on legal knowledge and years of experience. Contact us to discuss your questions.

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