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Skilled in complex IP disputes.

A business builds its reputation and identity with its trademark and/or trade name. Intellectual property is not tangible like real property, but it is every bit as important, and protecting it is vital to your business interests. At Urias Law Offices, we understand how important your IP is, and we have the experience and knowledge to help you protect your trademarks, trade names, copyrights and other intellectual property interests.

As a partner in a large international law firm, attorney Sharon Urias gained extensive experience with and knowledge of trademark law and copyright law. If you are involved in an IP dispute, we have the skills necessary to protect your interests.

In addition to our comprehensive practice in trademark and domain name law, our firm handles disputes and litigation involving the types of intellectual property law matters listed below.

  • Trademark litigation: If others infringe on your trademark, you may want to take steps to protect your interests. If you are accused of infringing on another’s mark, our law firm will fight to protect you.
  • Copyright litigation: If someone has used your copyrighted works without your authorization or permission, it is essential to take immediate action to protect your intellectual property. Or, if you are accused of using someone else’s copyright, we will defend your rights and your interests.
  • Licensing disputes: Has another party breached a license agreement or failed to meet its obligations under a license agreement? Has someone else accused you of breaching a license agreement? Our law firm can help you determine what action to take. No matter which side of a dispute you are on, it is essential that you retain an attorney experienced in intellectual property litigation.

Your rights and interests deserve the attention of an experienced IP attorney.

At Urias Law Offices, you can count on experienced, knowledgeable representation and a high level of service. Contact us for an appointment.

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