Defamation, Libel and Slander

Protect your reputation.

Disparaging remarks aimed at your reputation, or that of your business, can dramatically impact your ability to retain clients, attract new customers and remain competitive in your industry. When another party has used false statements to negatively impact your reputation, you may have the legal recourse to pursue compensation for damages, or to request an injunction to prevent further defamation of your character.

At Urias Law Offices, our lawyers understand the serious nature of defamation, and the impact it can have on your business. With extensive litigation experience and a detailed knowledge of defamation laws, we offer advice on a wide range of issues impacting your reputation, including:

  • Defamation: Any statement made by another party that directly states or implies a claim that negatively impacts your business or reputation may be considered defamation. Defamation can take place through a number of media, including the spoken word, writings, photos and others. We provide advice on how to determine defamation, the process of proving that you have been defamed and your options for pursuing resolutions to your case.
  • Libel: Defaming language in printed form, whether digitally online or in newspapers or another printed medium, is considered libel. Our attorneys work to provide the advice you need to understand your options in dealing with libel and the damage it causes to your business or reputation.
  • Slander: Derogatory remarks made in public, whether on a radio show, television program or during a gathering of peers, may be considered slander, especially when the speaker has knowledge of the remarks’ inaccuracy or falsehood. We offer experienced guidance during your search for resolutions to slander cases.

Whatever your specific concerns may be, our attorney will conduct a thorough review of your case before offering advice on your options to pursue justice for any damages you may have sustained.

Discuss your defamation, libel and slander concerns with an attorney.

Issues impacting your reputation or the reputation of your business should be addressed immediately. Defamation, left unchecked, can dramatically undercut your past efforts and limit your future successes.

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