Business Fraud

Misrepresentation and false promises can seriously damage your business.

Was your business harmed by fraud? Or, have you been accused of business fraud? In either case, you need the advice and counsel of an experienced business litigation law firm. Even long-time professionals have found they were deceived by misrepresentations and false assurances.

Urias Law Offices helps clients determine what happened and how to resolve the damages done by fraudulent business practices. As a former partner in a large international law firm, attorney Sharon Urias has extensive experience in litigating business fraud issues. At our law firm, clients can be assured that she will personally handle their cases from beginning to end.

Business fraud can take many different forms, including:

  • Making false promises to induce a business or person to sign a contract
  • Agreeing to a contract with no intention of fulfilling contractual obligations
  • Concealing defects in real property such as known environmental problems, liens or encumbrances
  • Using a position to divert and steal money and other resources
  • Failing to provide goods or services as promised
  • Knowingly providing defective goods and services

This is not a comprehensive list. There are many ways business fraud can undermine the trust your business relationships and contracts depend on.

Our experienced business litigation firm can help resolve business fraud issues.

At Urias Law Offices, you will have the advantage of a frank and comprehensive discussion with an experienced business litigation attorney who understands your need to get this issue resolved efficiently and effectively. Contact us for an appointment.

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