Commercial Litigation

Lawsuits between parties are not always avoidable and sometimes they are necessary
in order to protect business interests or to defend against claims. There is not always a
clear plaintiff or defendant, in fact, often both sides of a dispute assert claims and
defenses. When disputes lead to litigation, it is important to have a sophisticated
advocate that understands the complexities of commercial litigation, that will effectively
evaluate the claims and defenses of a dispute, that understands the nature of the
business and industry in question, and that will work tirelessly to strategize and
represent the interests of the client from the inception of a lawsuit through all phases of

Attorney Andy Urias is an experienced litigator, having represented clients in business
disputes, partnership disputes, and business related torts in a wide range of industries.
If have been sued or think you need to file a lawsuit against another party, contact Andy
Urias for a consultation to discuss your options.

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