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Asset Purchase Agreements

The asset purchase agreement sets out the terms and conditions for the purchase and sale of assets, and include definitions of the terms, purchase price and price adjustments, sales terms of applicable company stock, representations and warranties, d… Read More

Business Contracts

Having a business contract drafted, negotiated, or reviewed by an experienced lawyer can be critical to the success of a business transaction and business interests. A contract that specifically expresses and defines the objectives of a business deal… Read More

Business Formation

In an era with tremendous entrepreneurial growth and opportunity, it is important to properly set-up and form your new business entity. An attorney can help walk you through the process, evaluate your options, review your proposed business structure,… Read More

Commercial Equipment Leases

There can be numerous challenges with equipment leasing and financing. At Andrew W. Urias, PLLC, we work to structure the most effective, creative, and advantageous equipment leasing transactions for our business clients, whether they are a lessee or… Read More

Commercial Loan Agreements

Loan agreements are complex by nature. Because the drafting party often forms agreements that are advantageous to its own interests, it is important to have an attorney represent your interests and assist with negotiating reasonable and beneficial te… Read More

Commercial Real Estate Leases

Whether you are a business owner with leasing needs or a commercial property owner engaging in lease transactions, it is critical to work with an attorney who can promote your business needs and requirements, but also can assess and manage risks. Att… Read More


Attorney Andy Urias works directly with business owners and business management teams to assist with regulatory and compliance matters such as corporate governance, maintenance of governance documents, business policy, contract formation, contract ne… Read More

Confidentiality and Non-Solicitation Agreements

As a business owner, protecting your business’ confidential and proprietary information is essential for ongoing health, security and growth. When employees and staff leave an employer, sometimes they take certain confidential and proprietary infor… Read More

Contract Disputes

Businesses depend on contracts to establish the rights and obligations of all parties to the contract. When the parties disagree as to the meaning of the contract or when one party is accused of breaching the contract, seek the counsel of an attorney… Read More

Contract Review

Parties enter into a wide range of contracts. Some contracts are prepared by attorneys, while others are simply put together by laypersons. Often circumstances arise where a provision of a contract needs to be thoroughly reviewed to determine your ri… Read More

Distribution agreements

Distribution agreements are typically contracts that define the relationship and terms and conditions between a seller and/or manufacturer and a distributor and/or dealer. The agreement represents the responsibilities of both parties. It is imperativ… Read More

Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements

Attorney Andy Urias understands the importance and value of having well-drafted and thorough employment agreements for his business clients. Whether you are a corporate entity with employees and/or independent contractors and need various employment… Read More

Licensing Agreements

Intellectual property (IP) rights are extremely valuable. Whether to generate a revenue stream, increase market share, or create a strategic alliance, entering into a licensing agreement for the permitted use of IP assets can be an advantageous and b… Read More

Manufacturing Agreements

At Andrew W. Urias, PLLC, we assist manufacturing clients of all sizes, local and national, in various industries negotiate and form effective and advantageous manufacturing agreements to benefit their business objectives. There are numerous aspects… Read More

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether it is a small, local, private, public, national, or international business, the merger and acquisition of businesses plays an important role in the business world. Mergers and acquisitions are also very complex by nature, and a number of part… Read More

Music Industry Agreements

Prior to practicing law, Mr. Urias worked in the music industry at companies such as Creative Artists Agency, William Morris Endeavor, AEG Live and ArtistDirect. While he has a great enthusiasm for music, he also understands the intricacies of music… Read More

Non-Compete Agreements

Is a non-compete enforceable? When clients ask us about non-compete agreements, the first question is almost always, “Is it enforceable?” That is a good question – and the answer varies widely, depending on the wording of the contract, the circ… Read More

Operating Agreements

Protect your rights and business. Limited Liability Company (LLC) operating agreements are very important contracts between members of an LLC that govern the business affairs of the company, ideally containing clauses such as membership percentages,… Read More

Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements allow business owners to establish a business structure and create an agreement that states the responsibilities of each partner, contributions, management duties and structure, decision-making authority, profit-sharing, proced… Read More

Privacy Policies and Procedures

In this day in age with so much personal and identifiable information exchanged between parties, privacy and confidentiality provisions for businesses and their websites are as important as ever. People and entities that you do business with should b… Read More

Real Estate Contracts

Real estate transactions can be complex, and often the contracts that accompany a real estate deal can be convoluted and extensive. If you have concerns over certain provisions in a real estate contract and want to have an attorney review the documen… Read More

Website Terms and Conditions

Website terms and conditions, why does it matter? Terms and conditions govern the access and use of websites. Every business is unique and the terms and conditions on its website should not only reflect the nature of the individual business, but the… Read More

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