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Record Labels Initiate Another Copyright Infringement Battle

Starting in the late-1960’s, popular music became a fabric of American society. It also became big business. Rock and Roll and Pop music became an important and primary source of income for record labels and copyright holders. Revenues were consist… Read More
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Is A Remastered Song A “New” Song?

Performance rights under the 1971 Sound Recordings Act (an amendment to the Copyright Act) are not protected, which means that radio broadcasters essentially pay no royalties to record labels, artists, and other rights holders for playing music throu… Read More
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Music Sampling Protection Under Fair Use Doctrine

Music sampling consists of taking a clip, portion or “sample” of a sound recording and reusing it in an entirely separate sound recording. Music sampling likely originates from the late 1960’s, but became much more prevalent in popular music du… Read More
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Copyright Law and Pre-1972 Sound Recordings: The Need for Legal Uniformity

Music and sound recordings are a major artistic medium that play a role in everyday life. We hear music in a number of different ways; on the radio for personal enjoyment, as theme songs for television programs and movies, during sporting events, as… Read More
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Iconic Rock Band Wins High Profile Copyright Infringement Case

The trust for late guitarist Randy California (Randy Wolfe) sued rock band Led Zeppelin (and Warner Music Group) asserting that the opening chords of California’s 1968 instrumental “Taurus” originally recorded by his band Spirit were improperly… Read More
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