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Graffiti And Street Artists Sue For Copyright Infringement

Over the past few years, graffiti artists, also referred to as street artists, have started filing copyright lawsuits over the alleged improper and unauthorized use of their work.  Sometimes the works in question are reproduced on clothing, other ti… Read More
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Parodies Can Be Protected From Intellectual Property Claims

In 2014, actor Frank Sivero, known for playing mobsters Genco Abbandando in “The Godfather II” and Frankie Carbone in “Goodfellas,” filed an intellectual property lawsuit against Fox Television Studios, Inc. (“Fox”).  In his suit, Sivero… Read More
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Record Labels Initiate Another Copyright Infringement Battle

Starting in the late-1960’s, popular music became a fabric of American society.  It also became big business.  Rock and Roll and Pop music became an important and primary source of income for record labels and copyright holders.  Revenues were c… Read More
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Another Trademark Battle Over Color

As previously discussed, colors may be trademarked, in particular when a product’s color develops a secondary meaning in the market, such as when companies and their associated products use specific colors that acquire and establish a distinctivene… Read More
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Update: No Infringement In Allstate v. Kia Case

In November, we reported that Allstate Insurance Company (“Allstate”) had sued Kia Motors (“Kia”) for trademark infringement over Kia’s “Drive Wise” moniker and technology, which Allstate argued was too similar to its “Drivewise” in… Read More
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Update: PayPal and Pandora Settle

In June 2017 we reported that PayPal, Inc. had filed a trademark lawsuit against music streaming company Pandora Media Inc. for copying the style of PayPal’s “P” logo: https://www.uriaslaw.com/trademark/2017/06/05/pandora-medias-p-l… Read More
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Is A Remastered Song A “New” Song?

Performance rights under the 1971 Sound Recordings Act (an amendment to the Copyright Act) are not protected, which means that radio broadcasters essentially pay no royalties to record labels, artists, and other rights holders for playing music throu… Read More
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A Trademark Fight Over Nearly Identical Names: Is There Confusion?

AllState Insurance Company (“Allstate”) recently filed a lawsuit against Kia Motors (“Kia”) for trademark infringement over the use of the two words “drive” and “wise.”  Both companies use the words as monikers for their products. … Read More
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Yes, Colors May Be Trademarked

While it may be surprising to some, colors may be trademarked. Some examples of trademarked colors include: UPS’s “Brown,” Home Depot’s “Orange,” Target’s “Red,” 3M’s “Canary Yellow,” Coca-Cola’s “Coke Red,” “Mattel’… Read More
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Patents and Sovereign Immunity

Recently, Allergan PLC struck a licensing deal with the Saint Regis Mohawk Native American tribe in what appears to an attempt to shield its patents for its eye drug Restasis from review at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”). This agreeme… Read More
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