Areas of Practice

Trademark Law and Registration

Phoenix-area attorneys for trademark law and intellectual property services. There are many different ways in which a business can create branding. By using a trademark, you can help brand recognition and protect your business’s identity. At Urias… Read More

Trademark Litigation

Scottsdale IP Attorneys protecting your valuable assets. If you fail to protect your trademark, or if you allow it to be used by someone else without permission, it will lose its value to your business. If you believe that your mark is being used –… Read More

Trademark Licensing Disputes

Phoenix area attorneys enforcing your IP rights under licensing agreements. When it comes to trademarks, whether you are the IP owner or the licensee, both parties have rights and obligations as stated in their licensing agreement. If there is a disp… Read More

Domain Name Disputes

Trust us to protect your rights. Domain names can present numerous issues requiring the services of an experienced attorney. We have a particular emphasis on matters involving cybersquatting and trademark, and we will help you protect your domain nam… Read More

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Scottsdale attorneys protecting your internet rights. In the competitive world of business, attempts by people to bring their businesses to the forefront often raise legal issues. One of these issues is called “reverse domain name hijacking.” Rev… Read More

Internet Law and E-Commerce

Protecting your brand identity and online business interests. In today’s business environment, it is important, and often essential, to have an internet presence. Whether your business is based on e-commerce or you use the internet for marketing an… Read More

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