Areas of Practice

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Have you been harmed by or accused of breach of fiduciary duty? A fiduciary duty is a legal obligation to act in the best interests of another. It is the highest standard of duty implied by law. Lawyers, accountants, partners, board members and anyon… Read More

Business Fraud

Misrepresentation and false promises can seriously damage your business. Was your business harmed by fraud? Or, have you been accused of business fraud? In either case, you need the advice and counsel of an experienced business litigation law firm. E… Read More

Contract Disputes

We handle breach of contract and other contract issues for many industries. Businesses depend on contracts to establish the rights and obligations of all parties to the contract. When the parties disagree as to the meaning of the contract or when one… Read More

Copyright Litigation

Protect your creative works. Counterfeit CDs, songs that copy your original work and unauthorized use of photography or other creative works may all constitute infringements of your intellectual property rights. If a business or individual is unlawfu… Read More

Defamation, Libel and Slander

Protect your reputation. Disparaging remarks aimed at your reputation, or that of your business, can dramatically impact your ability to retain clients, attract new customers and remain competitive in your industry. When another party has used false… Read More

Intellectual Property Litigation

Skilled in complex IP disputes. A business builds its reputation and identity with its trademark and/or trade name. Intellectual property is not tangible like real property, but it is every bit as important, and protecting it is vital to your busines… Read More

Non-Compete Agreements

Is a non-compete enforceable? When clients ask us about non-compete agreements, the first question is almost always, “Is it enforceable?” That is a good question – and the answer varies widely, depending on the wording of the contract, the circ… Read More

Partnership Disputes

Protect your rights and assets. In a partnership dispute, especially a dispute that leads to dissolution of a partnership, the issues can be difficult to sort through. The situation is rarely simple. Disentangling your business interests is tough on… Read More

Real Estate Issues

Aggressive representation in real estate issues. Real estate disputes can quickly become contentious and costly. When you have been wronged in a commercial or residential real estate transaction, the guidance of an experienced attorney can be invalua… Read More

Tortious Interference

End interference with your business contracts. If another party has interfered with your ability to perform a contractual agreement or has infringed upon your contractual rights, it is important to speak to an attorney regarding your legal options. A… Read More

Trade Secret Litigation

Protection against theft and infringement. Protecting your company’s trade secrets is crucial to ensuring that your business plans, customer lists, pricing, processes, codes, designs and other proprietary information do not fall into the hands of a… Read More

Unfair Business Practices

Skilled business counsel and representation. Whether your business is the victim of unfair business practices or has been accused of unfair business practices, the situation is serious and can have the potential of gravely harming your business. If y… Read More

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